About SPJ Solutions

SPJ Solutions specializes in the architecture/design, deployment, support, and training of VMware NSX and other software-defined network and software-defined data center technologies. We bring experienced, certified staff to every client engagement with the goal of quickly and successfully delivering our projects, training your staff, and allowing you to achieve self-sufficiency.

The SPJ Way

The SPJ Way is our unique approach to project success. It demands expertise and specialization from all of our employees. Several key aspects of the SPJ way include:

• The SPJ Testing Lab: SPJ maintains a lab with all of the latest technologies used on our projects. We use the lab for customer use cases, integration testing, and employee training.

• Employee onboarding processes: We don’t just interview prospective staff and validate their references. All new staff must successfully complete hands-on technical tests before they are offered employment. They must also agree to our architecture and documentation standards.

• Structured Implementation Templates: We enforce consistency and excellence with a library of templates for project planning and scoping, project task plans, architecture design, implementations, and training. Check lists and process flows ensure that we address all major issues.

At SPJ, all we do is implement solutions for software designed data centers. This is our passion. And our focus leads to expertise. Our strong VMware partnership provides us with outstanding training opportunities. Our staff supplement project experience by always striving for new technical certifications. And our company maintains and updates processes, templates, and lessons-learned with each new engagement. Our ultimate goal is to be the “Gold Standard” for VMware projects.

SPJ Solutions maintains a modern technology lab equipped with the technology we deploy in our client engagements. We use the lab to support our Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) initiatives in the following ways:

• Candidate Testing: All SDDC and SDN candidates must take and pass proprietary tests prior to being offered employment at SPJ. These tests validate candidate skill levels and their ability to work under pressure. Given the nature of our engagements, SPJ hires only highly-trained professionals.

• Employee Training: SPJ employees must complete ongoing, custom-designed training in the lab. The training mimics real-world challenges on the latest versions of VMware and other products.

• Use Case Testing: We use the lab environment to validate SDDC and SDN use cases before they are implemented in our clients’ environments. This unique approach reduces implementation risks and time.

Our Technical Environment

The SPJ Lab is a modern data center environment that we maintain and update on a regular basis. The lab includes the following technical equipment:

• Physical and virtual appliances from Cisco, Dell, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, and Arkin.

• Physical network components including Cisco L2/L3 switches, AT&T Fiber Gateway, and Palo Alto Networks Panorama.

• L2 switches connected to L3 switches using spine-leaf topology to provide failover and redundancy.

• IBM and Dell Rack Servers.

• Virtualization and software defined data center components including vRealize, vCenter, ESXi, OpenStack, LogInsight, Arkin, Palo Alto Networks VM-Series, Horizon View.