SPJ VVD MicroSeg

SPJ VMware Validated Design (VVD) MicroSeg


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Summary


SPJ VMware Validated Design (VVD) MicroSeg is the extension of SPJ VVD Standard and is a certified product for VMware’s VVD reference architecture. The product includes hardware, software, and installation and support services to offer a fully functional, compatible, secure, and validated Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). This solution enables customers to offer self-service portals to its customers and internal users to provision infrastructure on demand.


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Solution Components


Certified Hardware Software SPJ VVD MicroSeg
UCS, Dell or HP Chassis or Rack-mounted Servers

Cisco Nexus or 3850 Switches

vSphere, vCenter



vRealize Automation

vRealize Orchestrator

vRealize Business

vRealize Operations

vRealize Log Insight

Site Recovery Manager

vRealize Network Insight

Palo Alto Networks


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Product

Installation Service

Support Service

(Optional) Upgrade Service


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Benefits

Organizations looking to deploy VMware’s SDDC solution and secure the applications can minimize their time to market with SPJ VVD MicroSeg. One key benefit of SPJ VVD MicroSeg product is that it is certified by VMware. Another key benefit is that a commercial NSX automation tool, called cITopus, is included with the SPJ VVD MicroSeg product to help automate and manage the NSX environment. Following links have the certification statement as well as additional details on the product.






Without SPJ VVD MicroSeg, customers will have to perform a number of manual tasks which are not only time-consuming and costly, but also prone to errors and compatibility issues. SPJ VVD MicroSeg checks compatibility of all the software products against all of the hardware and ensure supportability from hardware vendors i.e. Cisco and Dell and software vendors i.e. VMware, Palo Alto Networks, and SPJ. SPJ VVD MicroSeg alleviates the customers from complex configuration tasks on hardware and software products to meet requirements of the VMware SDDC Solution. SPJ VVD MicroSeg also alleviates the customers from manual installation of software components to meet the requirements of VVD and SDDC. The manual configuration and installation tasks, if not done correctly, may lead to an unstable or unsupported platform. SPJ VVD MicroSeg also offers support service that customers can use to have their SDDC platform supported.


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Certified Hardware and Software


SPJ VVD Standard is certified with following certified hardware and software.


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Certified Hardware: SPJ VVD MicroSeg is validated and certified against Cisco hardware and Cisco switches. However, the product can easily be extended to other hardware i.e. DELL, HP, and IBM. The SPJ VVD Standard product comes automation scripts to validate the compatibility against the target hardware.


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Certified Software: SPJ VVD MicroSeg is validated and certified against the software products listed on the table above. Customers using a subset of the software products can still benefit from SPJ VVD MicroSeg.


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Product: SPJ VVD MicroSeg implements VMware SDDC solution using pre-built software and installation service. The product comes with SPJ-developed installation scripts, validation scripts, hardware and software compatibility, documentation, and pre-built configurations which significantly reduces the time to implement VMware SDDC and Palo Alto Network. SPJ VVD MicroSeg comes with installation and support services to reduce the time-to-market and to increase the adoption of SDDC. Customers can procure an optional upgrade service to keep the SDDC solution current with the newer releases of VMware Validated Design (VVD) and Palo Alto Networks.


Other SPJ VVD Products:


Customers planning on VMware SDDC Solution and extending to a public cloud i.e. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform can benefit from SPJ VVD Multi-Cloud.


SPJ VVD MicroSeg Value Add from SPJ VVD Standard


SPJ VVD MicroSeg solution is an extension of SPJ VVD Standard Solution. The SPJ VVD MicroSeg solution includes NSX integrated Palo Alto Networks to offer advanced security to the customer applications deployed using vRealize Automation. With SPJ VVD MicroSeg, customers applications can leverage Palo Alto Networks and NSX integrated micro-segmentation capabilities to offer multi-layer firewall solution to the data centers.


The multi-layer firewall solution, offered by SPI VVD MicroSeg solution, protects applications against external threats. The security policies can be built and provisioned in a consistent way to improve automation, remove rework, and reduce overhead, furthermore improving the security posture of the applications. Provisioning and de-provisioning of the security policies in Palo Alto Networks and NSX can further be automated to improve reusability and reduce rework.